Once you visit our clinic, an accurate diagnosis is provided. We use modern digital X-ray imagery here. In this way we are able to obtain high picture quality with minimized radiation doses - this type of diagnostics is very safe for the patient. The doctor will carry out an interview and examination of the oral cavity. Next, comes the planning. Initial treatment plan is to be set, divided into several stages.
Our team of doctors consists of several persons. Each of the doctors is specialized in a separate field of dentistry, and acts only within the narrow specialization. Your treatment plan will be consulted with numerous specialists before its final shape emerges - in that way we can be sure that the effects meet your requirements and that you are fully satisfied with the results of the treatment.
You may ask questions at any stage. The doctor will perfectly clarify the procedures carried out, he will also tell you about the subsequent stages and the current procedures. You may call our clinic at any time - our hotline is open 24 hours a day.
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