Splinting the loosened teeth

The untreated inflammation of the periodontium tissues and gums may lead to serious health consequences, inter alia to tooth loss, especially in case of the healthy teeth - due to the bone shrinkage. If the disease is seriously advanced, the periodontologist makes a decision, together with the Patient, to treat the cause of the disease with all of the available methods. When bone shrinkage emerges in case of the tooth socket section, which leads to teeth loosening, the doctor carries out so called splinting procedure, the aim of which is to stabilize the teeth in one block, with the use of a fibreglass tape.  
In extreme cases, the teeth are being splintered (stabilized) with the use of the fixed orthodontic braces. The procedure increases the comfort of the patient. It also makes it easier to eat properly and, above all, brings back the smile.
It shall be remembered though that splinting, as such, is not a solution to the disease of the periodontium. It only reduces its symptoms. This procedure needs to be carried out along with other treatment, both surgical, as well as the treatment realized with the use of proper drugs. Implementation of some types of proper splinting rails does not require the teeth to be ground.
Splinting may be carried out with a composite net, net made out of fibreglass, or out of orthodontic wire. It is very important for the dentist to correct the fillings that had been realized, in a wrong way, in the past. The dentist shall also correct the prosthesis, which has not been tailored well.
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