Gummy smile

When the patient has a “gummy smile”, the smile exposes mainly his gums. Visually, we are seeing that the teeth are too short in comparison with the gums, due to that disproportion, the smile is unpleasant to see. There are numerous reasons for such status:
  • Genetic defects, related to increased growth of the jaw-bones
  • Occlusion defects
  • Bruxism - which leads to the teeth being worn out due to the friction
  • Short upper lip
  • Delayed growth of the teeth - properly shaped crowns are covered with the gums
In order to raise the patient’s self-esteem and his mood swings related to his “gummy smile”, a micro-surgical procedure may be carried out, the aim of which would be to make the teeth optically longer and to diminish their disproportional look. Such procedure is being carried out by a periodontologist with a pinpoint accuracy, correcting the shape of the gum line, by extracting the excess and stitching them in the proper, new position.
In extreme cases, change of the jaw-bone shape is also required. The patient is under local anesthesia, he does not feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. Nonetheless, after an in-depth diagnostic process it often turns out that gum reduction is not enough, and that this procedure must be preceded with other procedures carried out within the scope of periodontology, orthodontics, or even maxillo-facial surgery. After the gums heal up it may turn out that a need would arise to create porcelain veneers.
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