Expanding the length of the clinical crown of the tooth

Expansion of the length of the crown is a micro-surgical procedure, carried out with the use of local anesthesia, in cases when the tooth is broken under the gum, or when the tooth is being deeply attacked by caries, as a result of which it is destructed below the gums.
Not so long ago, such situations were clear - this tooth needs to be extracted.
However, the procedure makes it possible to uncover the tooth tissue in a way, in which it is not covered by the gum. At the same time the bone is reduced, and the position of the gum is changed. The procedure is absolutely painless, the stitches may be removed after 7 days.
After the healing period is over, the tooth may be easily reconstructed. The reconstruction method is selected by the doctor. Usually the selected way prevents the teeth from repeated breaking. The most recommended method is to apply a prosthetic crown and reinforce the tooth with a fibreglass insert.
Unfortunately, the cases when the tooth is vertically broken along the root, including deep, horizontal breakage of the root or root caries, mean that the tooth needs to be extracted. Any attempts of filling or applying a prosthetic crown, without the earlier procedure, the aim of which would be to expand the length of the crown of the tooth, should the above mentioned circumstances be present, will for sure be unsuccessful. There are no technical possibilities of creating a proper filling or crown in a humid environment below the gum line - in such case, the dental materials do not have a proper bonding strength.
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