Covering the gum recession


Gum recession - the process in which the tooth necks are exposed is a problem faced by many patients. Besides the cosmetic issue, which changes the looks of the gum, since the tooth in case of which recession is present seems to be significantly longer than the neighbouring ones, more issues emerge heres. Recession is a cause for increased hypersensitivity of the teeth to the thermal factor, particularly regarding the cold food. The root of the tooth, which has no natural protection from the gum, is also prone to caries. In some extreme cases, recession may even lead to inflammatory state of the tooth pulp, which in turn results in a need to carry out root-canal treatment.
Proper brushing technique, which prevents the dental plaque from being accumulated is of the key value here. We are often called by patients, who have heard it in the TV commercials that exposed tooth necks may be treated as one of the first symptoms of periodontal disease - obviously, this is true, but recession may also occur in case of people who are young, and who take a great care of their teeth, however, when they brush their teeth they use too much force. Such incorrect habits may also lead to mechanical damage of the gum, and in consequence, to recession.

If your tooth brush looks like a sweeper/broom a week after you bought it, you will surely have some problems with your gums in the future. Our hygienist, Anna Maciejowska, may help you, and she may indicate the mistakes you make, when carrying out all of the dental hygiene operations. However, once your tooth necks and roots are exposed, remember that no filling is possible here. Your friends probably talk about that - again, it happened to me, a filling has fallen out of my tooth-neck, I must visit the dentist - this is quite common, since the fillings do not really solve the problem. They just mask it, and eventually protect the tooth from being hypersensitive.
Not only do the symptoms need to be treated, but also the cause needs to be eliminated, thus our periodontiologist carries out  micro-reconstruction surgeries, the aim of which is to reconstruct and thicken the gum line. The procedure itself is very precise. It is being carried out with the use of local anesthesia. Repositioning the gum is often insufficient. Often it happens that the missing tissue is transplanted from the palate. What is more, treatment of the causes for recession is often complemented with orthodontic or prosthetic therapy.
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