Controlled regeneration of the bones

In case of bone shrinkage, there is an option of reconstructing and regenerating the bone. Should the bone shrinkage be significant, it may be replaced with a proper bone replacement or osteogenic material, during the flap procedure.
The most common preparations applied within the scope of bone regeneration include:
  • EMDOGEIN - Straumann® is a osteogenic material, which supports the natural regeneration of the bone tissue. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. This material supports the predicted regeneration of the soft and the hard tissue in the periodontium area. After the Straumann® Emdogein substance is applied on the cleansed and modified surface of the root, a process of regeneration, replicating the biological process of tooth development - similarly as it happens during the embryonic phase - is started. This makes it possible for the patient to get back the tissue surrounding his tooth, that keeps it in place.
  • CERABONE - is a bone-replacement preparation. Due to its reliability and predictability and effectiveness of the treatment, it may be treated as a highly usable and volume-stable (the bone replacement materials are often partially subjected to resorption - shrinkage), and 100% safe bone replacement substance. It is being recovered from the mineral phase of beef-bones, which are highly similar to the human bones, due to the features such as the surface, porosity or chemical composition.  The unique production process regarding this material, that uses high temperature processing which removes any organic matter, such as prions, proteins, makes it possible to get rid of any possible immunologic reactions. The product is safe from BSE, and this property has been confirmed by the German Ministry of Health.
  • EZ-CURE – is the final element of the treatment, which constitutes a controlled regeneration of the bone. Ez-Cure plays a role of a membrane, which maintains the position of the bone-replacement material in the region of application for more than 12 weeks, which makes it possible to properly regenerate the bone tissue. This membrane is bio-compatible and it is safe for any human-being. It consists of highly purified collagen fibres, coming from pig’s skin. It is being manufactured in a standardized and highly controlled process.
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