Treatment procedure


During the first visit, the doctor examines the patient, carries out an interview and orders the diagnostic tests to be carried out, including the panoramic imagery and cephalometric radiography. Next, the doctor carries out external diagnostics and takes impressions, which constitute a basis for plaster models. Full scope of digital diagnostics is carried out directly, at our clinic. Thanks to that, the patient is not referred to other health centres, while the doctor, on the basis of the collected documentation, is able to present the treatment plan as early as during the second scheduled visit.
The doctor attaches the brackets to each of the teeth, then he interconnects the brackets with an arch made of elastic rubbers, which constitute the connecting elements. Purpose of the fixed orthodontic braces is to make the teeth straight, in order to attain proper shape of the dental arches. Not only are the teeth moved sideways during the treatment. They may also be tilted and rotated in the desired direction. Usually, two sets of braces are implemented - one on the upper jaw and the second one on the lower jaw - the teeth need to be perfectly aligned in case of both jaws. Depending on the malocclusion, the treatment may last from a few months to a few years.  Usually, the average treatment period is as long as 1.5 - 2.5 years.
After the fixed braces are removed, a control X-ray photograph is taken, next the impressions are taken in order to create so called retainer plate. Its job is to prevent the “straightened out” teeth from changing their position again.
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