Orthodontic braces - for whom?


It’s never too late
It’s true - orthodontic treatment may be applied at any age. At our centre, 50% of all of the orthodontic treatment procedures are carried out in case of the adults. Seeing somebody’s smile with steel wire across the teeth is nothing unusual today, while the dental treatment that involves “straightening of the teeth” became a normal thing, not only in case of the adolescents. Currently, wearing the orthodontic braces is natural. It is even well perceived - it is often interpreted as an expression of particular care taken of your beauty and health.
If, for many years, we have been doubtful about our smile - maybe it’s high time to change that? We will get rid of our insecurities, make us look better - and that is not all. Not everybody knows that straight teeth and anatomic occlusion make it easier to take proper care of your oral cavity. Clean teeth mean that less bacteria are present in your mouth, which in turn means that probability of emergence of caries is significantly smaller. What is more, surface of the teeth that are not properly aligned may be susceptible to excess friction during eating, which acts like a feedback, deepening the defect - it’s a vicious circle. At the further stages, this may lead to migraines and degenerative diseases of the jaw-joints.
Often before the prosthetic treatment is started, one needs to visit an orthodontics practitioner, in order to rectify the malocclusions. Similar procedure may be needed in case of the implants - when the implant requires more space, in which it would be fitted. Persons who noted their exposed tooth-necks, grinding reflex, and persons in case of which the teeth are crowded and unevenly distributed, with a great quantity of plaque and debris should also visit the orthodontist.
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