Invisible braces


Radiance cosmetic brackets orthodontic braces - this is an invisible solution. Elegance and discretion - comfort in everyday life - this is the most accurate definition of that modern system. Thus, most of the adults decide to use such solution. The crystal braces used here are incredibly smooth and transparent. They do not have any impact on speech, they make it possible to function normally. At the end of the treatment they are easily removable - this is very important for the patient. Permanent, natural material makes it possible to maintain its unchanged structure until the end of the treatment. The braces do not lose their transparency. 
Pure sapphire
According to the producer, the Radiance PlusTM braces feature the most transparent twin ceramic bracket available in the offer. It has been proven that this bracket is more transparent than other monocrystal or polycrystal ceramic systems. 
Each of the Radiance Plus™ brackets is created out of an individual pure sapphire crystal - one of the toughest natural materials, second to the diamond. The crystal is created and cut in high temperatures, creating an incredibly strong and beautiful bracket, which is practically invisible on the surface of a tooth. The last research paper published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics considers the Radiance Plus™ to have a bracket that is the most transparent, out of all of the examined mono-crystal brackets. 
The American Orthodontics Radiance brackets are based on the patented Quad-Matte foundation, which is characterized with a high strength of glueing in the middle part, which makes it possible to maintain the bracket position, however, it also has a weak holding force at the edges, thus easy removal of the braces.

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