Advantages of the implants


Dental implants: 
  • recover the function and comfort of having your own teeth
  • eliminate the trouble related to traditional treatment
  • do not require cutting or sanding of the neighbouring teeth, which are often healthy
  • they strongly and in a reliable manner hold the dental prosthesis in place, which makes it possible to avoid covering the palate with an acrylic mass, which in turn has a positive effect on comfort of speech and taste
  • the implants are perfectly tailored to fit the dental arch
  • they protect the patient from disappearance of the bones, thanks to what it is possible to maintain the natural shape of the gums and the aesthetic looks of the face
  • Air conditioning
  • Parking
  • Facilities for
  • WiFi
  • Drinks
  • Treatment
    without pain
  • Digital X-ray
  • Payment cards
    (Visa, MasterCard)
  • TV